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How it works...

  1. Precision diagnosis to scan for hidden factors contributing to your pain

  2. Gentle treatment plan to provide immediate pain relief and long-term rehabilitation


Individual treatment plans are customized to address the root causes of chronic headache and migraine in each patient. Typical diagnosis includes:

  • Bite Force & Range of Motion AnalysisForce & Range of Motion Analysis

  • Symptoms & Headache HistorySymptoms & Headache History

  • Trigger Point Muscle ExamMuscle Exam

Our diagnostic approach includes the delicate nerves and ligaments that run through the head and jaw—strong or repetitive forces (like a car accident or misaligned teeth) can often throw the whole system out of balance.

And just like an old sports injury or bad back, over time the imbalanced area can radiate pain to the surrounding tissue, often causing chronic migraine-like symptoms.

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